The Company offers a warranty on major parts of three months from the date of invoice or 3,000 miles from mileage stated on invoice, whichever comes first. 

This means if the mileage on the Vehicle goes over 3,000 miles before the end of the third month, the warranty period is over. The Company must carry out all warranty work. 

The Company will not pay for a third party to work on the Vehicle unless agreed by the Company in advance. If the Vehicle is found to have been worked on by the Customer or a third party without the Companies consent the Warranty is void. 

The Customer is permitted to gain a second opinion by an agreed third party, for which the Customer must pay any cost. If the Company deems the cost of repair too high, the Company could offer a replacement Vehicle. The Customer will absorb any additional cost. 

Brake, clutch, tyres, exhaust and general wear or breakages are not covered by the warranty.

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